Monday, 20 September 2010

Pro ASP.NET MVC Framework By Steven Sanderson

I know Steve so you may say that this review is bias however I think I can still be objective even when I say this is a brilliant book.

I have read many technical books which cover other frameworks and although this book contains alot of the content you would expect, it does give you alot of nice takeaways which makes this book special.

As you can guess from the book title it covers ASP.NET MVC version 1, as Steve walks you through creating your first MVC app you get the feeling of being guided by a great master.  By the time I finished the introductory section of the book I already felt I could get struck in, but Steve still has more, in the following section of the book he carefully takes the framework apart bit-by-bit to reveal the beating heart of MVC then gives you the knowledge to make your own extensions to the ASP.NET MVC as you see fit.

This book stands out because it not only gives you in-depth ASP.NET MVC knowledge but also shows you real world knowledge of how to do TDD, something which I have read very little of, this is expertly introduced in the introductory section.  So not only are you learning MVC you are also getting a taste of TDD.

Steve also has an amazingly dry wit which he conveys throughout the book.

I like techie books but I like them even more when I can learn and be entertained.

Steve recently released the 2nd edition of this book updated for MVC version 2, buy it @ Amazon

P.S. I am not sponsored by Steve or Amazon, I just like the book.