Thursday, 7 February 2008

Hello Secure World

Security is a hot topic and has been for a long time, there are experts and there are those of us who are still trying to make it a first class consideration in each product we create.

There is so much content to read that anything which gives you a head start in this arena is a good thing, Microsoft have created a new site located at to give you this head start.  This new site takes a humorous look into security which also educates you in the intricacies of developing secure applications and the threats all applications offline and online face.

To learn more about security go to

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

UI Patterns

Design patterns are in vogue and have been for quite a while, I believe in them, I use them and find them invaluable to short cut my thinking processes.  I am more of a class library designer than an interface designer so I ten to use them alot.

The only issue with being at ease with class design and not interface design is that as a web developer interface design is a big part of my job, so to help me build on my interface design I spend alot of my time trawling the web to see how other people have created their interfaces and learning from their successes and failures.

What I really need is an abstract representation of these interface design patters, yes you guessed it, there is a web site with this information.  A Danish web developer called Anders Toxboe has created a great web site which lists alot of the UI design patterns you see throughout the web but in one place. 

To see his current list of UI design patters you can find them at

Along with using the right UI pattern you also need the right look and feel for your web site. However to be successful you also need to know how the majority of web users actually use your web page. Smashing Magazine have published an article which contains 10 tips on achieving your goal of the best web design.  The article opens with a introduction into how users will scan your pages, which gave me a great insight into how to better structure my pages for easy access and presentation of key information.

To read "10 Principles of Effective Web Design" go here