Tuesday, 11 November 2008

CodeRush Xpress for Visual Studio 2008

For those of you who have never heard of CodeRush it is a tool developed by DevExpress which provides a number of productivity enhancements in Visual Studio through automation of repeatable tasks for example it can repeat lines of code, highlight references, refactor and more.

CodeRush has gained quite a following for the enhancements it provides for .NET developers and the time saving tasks it provides.

Personally I have been a fan of the tools, but have not invested (yet), however I do use their free version called 'Refactor! for ASP.NET' which even with its limited tasks has made an impact on my development. If you are like me you have wanted Code Rush then you can come one step closer as announced at the PDC '08 DevExpress and Microsoft have teamed up again to provide CodeRush Xpress for Visual Studio 2008.

CodeRush Xpress is a cut down version of CodeRush bit still has a healthy number of tools which would enhance most developers working practices, there are 26 refactions including;

  • Combine Conditionals
  • Convert to Auto-implemented Property
  • Convert to Initializer
  • Decompose Initializer
  • Decompose Parameter
  • Expand Lambda Expression
  • Expand Ternary Expression
  • Extract Method to Type
  • Flatten Conditional
  • Inline Delegate
  • Inline Temp
  • Introduce Local
  • Make Explicit
  • Make Implicit
  • Reverse Conditional
  • Split Conditional
  • Use String.Format
  • Use StringBuilder

Also you will see a number if Visual elements for hints, smart tags and code layout as well as a enhanced code navigation tool.

To download this great FREE tool go here