Thursday, 16 October 2008

VS2008 & 2005 : Order Your Code Tabs By Usage

How often do you find yourself working on a project with multiple code files open?  I do this often, you could say I am lazy as when I finish with the file close it down but you never know I might need it again soon and how often can you keep your train of thought from code-file-to-code-file while remembering to close and open each one, for me not much I must be easily distracted!

This means that I spend the day with multiple code files open, the VS2008 IDE is great with tabs for each code file and I can use 'Crtl+TAB' to get an 'Alt-TAB' view however this is still a bit clumsy what would be good is if the code tabs where sorted by usage....and if by magic I have such a solution;

Sara Ford recently posted on her VS IDE Tips blog a registry change which will reorder code tabs in VS2008 and 2005 by usage, this means the last code file you use will appear to the left followed by the next as so-on.  To read the exact change please go here.