Thursday, 24 July 2008

.NET Terrarium 2.0

Back when .NET was first released (May 2002!) there where many marketing techniques that Microsoft used to get everyone involved in this new world of .NET.  Nearly six years later some of it must have worked as the majority of new code is in .NET.

One of these marketing ideas to get developers involved in .NET was a program called Terrarium, this application creates a virtual eco system into which you can introduce creatures which will live out their lives without any kind of intervention.  In reality the creatures are .NET classes with specific attributes identifying how they reproduce, fend off attackers, feed etc in the eco system.

Terrarium is a great way to learn .NET and also set developer against developer as they compete to create the creature to beat all.

You can run the eco system on any machine and leave it running as long as you like while your created creatures live their lives, you can use the graphical viewer to check out how the eco system is running and feel pride as you watch your creatures beat and eat the rest.

To get the whole story check out CodePlex